Endocrine Pharmaceuticals - Micrin Hormone for Health

The Company

The passion of science

Endocrine Pharmaceuticals (‘Endocrine’) of North Hampshire, UK, is a life sciences company with expertise in the hormonal regulation of tissue mass and integrity. An additional area of interest is stem cells.

The company's discovery and research focus is micrin, a putative endogenous inhibitor of tissue masses in mammals and an upholder of cellular integrity. Micrin prevents runaway tissue overgrowth and probably inhibits tumour formation and progression as well. Drug candidates related to micrin are under investigation for therapeutic benefit in a range of benign and malignant tissue overgrowth conditions affecting the pituitary, prostate, breast, heart, kidneys and other tissues.

Endocrine optimises operational costs by conducting research through scientists in universities and research institutes worldwide. The company is privately held, by about 80 shareholders.

Endocrine has a professionally constituted Board with technical, legal and commercial expertise, plus an internationally well-regarded Scientific Advisory Board, which includes notable leaders in the fields of endocrinology, physiology and biochemistry.